Agile People Solutions provides qualified Business & Life Coaches to organisations in order to:

• Maximise the potential of your business.
• Maximise the potential of executives and key personnel.

Increasing personal and professional effectiveness through:

• Customised Coaching Programmes
• Leadership and Management Coaching
• Performance, Skills and Development Coaching
• Team Coaching
• Sales Coaching
• Employee Coaching

Business Coaching
Coaching the Owner/Manager in:

• Clarifying the direction of the business
• Prioritising business objectives/goals and develop strategies
• Developing or streamlining business process
• Financial planning
• Change planning and management
• Internal/External conflict resolution
• Time management and work/life balance
• Leadership/Management for improved work performance of employees

Executive Coaching
Coaching the Executive in:

• Developing leadership, management and team-building skills
• Strategic planning and development
• Change management
• Internal/External Conflict Resolution
• Time management and work/life balance
• New position grooming / Promotion and career planning